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CouchSurfing for the TechCrunch50

Attention all TechCrunch 50 out-of-town Attendees!! The JamPad will be providing free couch-surfing to two (2) TechCrunch50 2009 entrepreneurs during the TC50 rehearsals and the main event. Making your company a success is all about being scrappy. Paying for hotels can crush your cash flow so couch-surfing is the only way to go. The JamPad is the ultimate way to couch-hop in luxury & style and in a creative, entrepreneurial atmosphere. Here’s the FAQ on how to get your free lodging.

Q: What is the JamPad?
A: The JamPad is my San Francisco home. It is a place where entrepreneurs regularly come to hang out, to rap on ideas, to jam with other entrepreneurs, to play Wii Tennis and Gears of War, and to have fantastic healthy gourmet meals made by the JamPad’s in-house chef. Normal open hours for the JamPad are from 10AM to 2AM. We also do BBQ’s, grill seshes, art & wine events, networked Armagetron competitions, coding seshes, you name it.

Q: Did you say FREE LODGING?
A: Yes! For a limited time, the JamPad will be offering free lodging to entrepreneurs in need during the TC50 rehearsals and main event. Planned availability includes: September 1st-3rd, and September 9th-15th (some flexibility around dates). There are two rooms available, rollout in home office and a 2nd master bedroom. High-end accommodations include generous living space, backyard for BBQ, hiking, tennis court, basketball court, amazing views of the city. Meals will be provided for you, with a focus on healthy, tasty cuisine (as well as the occasional pizza delivery and Trader Joe’s meal ;). Entrepreneurial advice and coaching on your TC50 pitch is also available if you so desire (though not a required activity of your stay). Expect many silicon valley entrepreneurs to come in and out during the days and evenings.

Q: Who exactly qualifies for the JamPad FREE LODGING?
A: Qualified applicants must be legitimate founders of any TC50 2009 demopit or presenting company.

Q: Is this first-come-first-served?
Absolutely not! The JamPad is my house for God’s sake. There will be a brief vetting interview in order to determine who we award the FREE LODGING to. Best chances are to those who 1) have a GREAT idea 2) are generally optimistic, hard-core entrepreneurs, 3) bring a lot of passion and creativity to their work and their life, 4) are fun to hang and have a beer with, and 5) do not have serious legal troubles (bad credit scores excluded ;))

Q: And who exactly are you?
My name is Travis Kalanick. Here’s my crunchbase page. I have been a pretty hard core entrepreneur, and definitely one of the scrappiest. In everything I do, especially my companies, I’m all about creativity, passion, perseverance, and fun. My last company worked out and now I advise and invest in the most amazing companies and entrepreneurs out there. The JamPad is my way to give back to my fellow scrappy soon-to-be-successful entrepreneurs and have a blast while I’m doing it.

Q: Who can vouch for the JamPad?
Many tech entrepreneurs can vouch for the JamPad prowess. Here are just a few friends who’ve recently spent time at the JamPad:

  • Aaron Levie, Founder, CEO, “Travis’s full range of sleeping and hygienic amenities offer a winning combo for any sleep-deprived, smelly, starving, delusional, stressed, or money-less guest. If you happen to fit into four or more of those categories, you’ll likely be treated to a gourmet breakfast and be waited on by his Live-in Harvard Ph.D girlfriend”
  • Angelo Sotira, CEO/Founder, Deviantart: “When I visit San Francisco, the JamPad is the place I want to stay. Being central to most of my meetings is a nice advantage, but the bar is set spectacularly high by the hosts of JamPad; tbone and dolce diablo. Come experience the madness, the fast wifi, the comfort and style of the place, the excellent discussions ranging from technology to technology; but *mostly* the variety of cheeses in the fridge, err!!!”
  • Paul Bragiel, CEO/Founder, Lefora: “The JamPad… if you’re looking to live the life of a struggling musician, sleep on the floor of a random fan, and be surrounded by cockroaches, then you’re in the wrong place. If you’re looking to for an awesome place to crash in comfort and meet super connected entrepreneurs, then you’re in the right place. Might even be treated to a bottle or two of homemade wine that we’re letting age as we speak”

  • David Barrett, Founder, CEO Expensify:
    “Travis has a mean BBQ and the biggest couch in San Francisco — no joke you’ll be couchsurfing on a longboard for sure. He’ll also destroy you in Wii Tennis if given the chance.”

  • Janina Gavankar, Actor, Ms. Dewey in her spare time: “I love being a fly on the wall for Travis’s JamPad sessions… the insane geek creativity makes me want move to San Francisco, to the extra master bedroom of the JamPad of course.”
  • Gary Vaynerchuk, founder, Vayner Media: “I have never seen a place that has such a bad ass vibe…and it has nothing to do with Travis!”

Q: How do I apply?
Send an email to or @reply me on twitter. If the applicants come in as I expect, we’ll be locking down lodging pretty quickly, so hit me up ASAP.

Good luck and see you soon…