The Killer, Killer Marketing Job

When I invest in a company, I’ll usually get involved in the company well beyond the typical angel investor. So, when Dan Rodrigues, the founder & CEO of Kareo asked me to help bring some thunder to Kareo’s recruiting efforts for an insanely strategic marketing position, I jumped at the chance to step up my recruiting game. We’ve still got to find the Killer Marketer to fill the Killer Marketing Job, but my guess is the job post we came up with below is one of the more creative and progressive you’ll see. What do you think?

[Note: special shoutout to David Barrett, founder/CEO of Expensify for continuing innovations in the creative job post arena].

Killer Job for a Marketing Killer
Profitable, healthcare IT startup looking for a modern day marketing warrior!

Hello candidate. Let us first introduce ourselves. We are Kareo ( and we’re based in Irvine, California. We build the Healthcare cloud services that power the offices of thousands of small physician practices throughout the U.S. We help doctors get PAID by transforming the complexity of today’s healthcare system to make it simple. Scheduling, billing, and practice management? Check. Electronic connections to thousands of insurance companies? Check. Integrated electronic medical records? Check. The list goes on. Basically, Kareo is at the center of the storm, which is at the center of Obama’s policy agenda and the national debate. Healthcare. A $2.4 TRILLION (yes, that’s with a “T”) industry, representing 17% of the U.S. GDP. Technology is coming to transform and revolutionize this industry and Kareo is positioned to carry the torch for 60% of the approximately 900,000 physicians in the U.S. who practice in small medical offices.

That’s the high level. The details go like this… Kareo, founded in 2005, has finally reached profitability and cash flow positive! We’ve done this through a fierce focus on our customer acquisition funnel, complete dedication to our customers, and disciplined belt-tightening to make ends meet. But now we’re generating cash flow, and that means it’s time to vastly expand our marketing efforts. Running those marketing efforts is the marketing warrior’s job to take. You might call this position a Director of Marketing, but that doesn’t quite do it justice. We’re looking for The Marketing Killer! Based on your experience, we’re budgeting for an annual salary of $120,000- $150,000, and you’ll be entitled to benefits and stock options.. Here’s what the position looks like:

SEM/SEO and customer acquisition basics still apply. Doing them better, smarter, and integrating them with a more creative and expansive marketing effort is where we’re going. Expanding the funnel and tightening acquisition – making lead conversion do things we thought weren’t possible. Turning our industry leading customer satisfaction into a powerful “word-of-mouth” customer referral program and channel will give us leverage. Digging in and doing outreach into the social media realm, becoming visible in the blogosphere, and experimenting with a presence in real-time streams are all part of our agenda. Lighting up our inbound leads with savvy, coordinated email and direct mail campaigns. Refining and polishing our marketing collateral. Turning our under-the-radar media presence into a top-of-mind healthcare industry narrative, inserting us into the national healthcare debate and positioning Kareo as the Healthcare IT pioneer to watch.

This is a strategic position for Kareo… but that doesn’t mean you’re not rolling up your sleeves. Yes, we are embarking on a substantial growth ramp in terms of revenues and in people, but we are still a small startup. That means that you’re growing with us. We want the go-getter, hard working, creative problem solver. You’re as analytical as they come and have actually dreampt of Excel spreadsheets at least once. You bring that data driven decision-making with an experimental and tinkering approach to your work. You iterate constantly, making the funnel bigger and badder and are full of glee when you get the A/B test results back. But you also have a creative side. You know how to motivate and inspire the prospective customer. You work with creative types to make Kareo’s vision a reality. You have an entrepreneurial, empowered mindset, and expect to be accountable, and expect the rewards that come with it. You bring energy to your work and your optimism and enthusiasm are infectious.

This killer job is here for the taking but here’s what it’s going to take from you:
• Provide a link to your LinkedIn profile with an email address (let’s face it, resumes are dead).
• Answer the short-form and essay questions below (this shows us you’re serious).
It’s a lot to ask so what will we do in return? If you complete the application, we guarantee that our CEO will review your application and respond to you directly within 5 days or less.

Killer marketers need-only apply. What are you waiting for? We look forward to hearing from you.

Kareo Killer Marketer Questionnaire

1. How would you rate Kareo’s current SEM and SEO efforts? What might you change or experiment with to improve the performance of our search engine marketing?

2. What’s the single, most important factor in successfully converting online prospects into paying customers? Why? What’s the most overlooked high-impact variable in converting online prospects into paying customers?

3. What is the best way to leverage social media and the blogosphere in order to enhance sales of a small business product? Where does traditional PR fit into this picture?

4. Name a product for the small business market whose marketing you most admire. What do you think is the secret to their marketing success?

5. How do you manage your professional ‘Inbox’? How do you schedule your time at work? What are your secrets for staying productive?

For consideration, please email your LinkedIn profile and questionnaire answers to

2 responses to “The Killer, Killer Marketing Job

  1. This has been a very interesting read, would love to read more on this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Saw you on CNBC this morning! Great job! You handled their questions with class. Your thoughts and concepts are right on my path of thinking. I am sure our paths will cross one day.

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